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Oregon Coast

Astoria Oregon Hotels, Motels

Astoria is the farthest north city on the Oregon Coast. It holds the distinction of being the first permanent United States settlement on the Pacific coast and for having the first U.S. post office west of the Rocky Mountains.


Located on the south shore of the Columbia River, the city is served by the deepwater Port of Astoria. Transportation includes the Astoria Regional Airport with U.S. Route 30 and U.S. Route 101 as the main highways, and the 4.1-mile (6.6 km) Astoria–Megler Bridge connecting to neighboring Washington across the river.

Astoria Attractions

Astoria, Oregon is a charming coastal city that offers a plethora of parks and attractions for visitors to explore. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, history buff, or simply seeking scenic beauty, Astoria has something to offer everyone. From stunning parks to captivating attractions, here are some must-visit places in Astoria.

Astoria, Oregon is a hidden gem on the Oregon coast, offering a variety of parks and attractions that showcase its natural beauty and rich history. Whether you’re seeking scenic views, outdoor adventures, or cultural experiences, Astoria has it all. Plan your visit and discover the wonders of this charming coastal city.

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